You Have to Want it Bad Enough

It’s interesting sometimes to stop and think about conversations you have had through the day and reflect on them. I notice (and am guilty of posting ) many motivational posters on Facebook and popular clothing brands etc these days, and for the most part – I think we read them – like them – and then forget them. It’s a shame really as a majority of them should be our ‘bible’ or our guide and for those that practice Kyokushin….many of these could be added to our Dojo Kun and recited each day.

One that sticks in my head at present though is this and I mentioned it to my Junior class this week during training :

” Before you can achieve , First you must believe’.

So Important. At a seminar i went to once, the speaker (Paul Blackburn) said that if you couldn’t actually visualize yourself having made this achievement or having won – you must try to believe in the possibility.  And if we really consider it – the possibilities are endless.

One of the conversations I had recently was with some work colleagues in the office lunchroom. We were discussing the damaging effects of Aspartame in Coke Zero. And…..despite hearing all the negative side effects, and the fact that this person really wanted to lose weight- they said they would love to give up drinking soft drink , but that they couldn’t fit it into their lifestyle ! WTF !!!!!   I guess this reminds me of some scary truths – most of the general population are uneducated or don’t care about real health. And….the scarier fact is that in essence – true health is actually very simple to obtain. But……you have to want it – and believe you can have it.

It also reminded me that in terms of our own goals…..we have to want it bad enough.

We have to want that thing, that outcome, that body, that house, that car, that partner, that job, that family, that holiday that anything… bad…..that the pain of change, the pain of work, the pain of sacrifice, the fear of failure is far outweighed by the desire to have it. That desire too is fueled by our level of belief that we can and deserve to have it !

In relation to our martial arts, wanting that black belt is a goal many have. But not everyone wants it enough to sacrifice the time, dedicate themselves to the training and go through the pain of grading’s and the 40 rounds of kumite to get it.

Maybe the student wants to fight – but aren’t willing to risk the fear of losing, or aren’t willing to put aside other social activities etc to put enough time into training and preparation.

I saw a post on Facebook recently which was a picture and a quote by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson which read :

” The fist step in achieving your goal, is to take a moment to respect your goal. know what it means to you to achieve it “.

So ….with that in mind….set pen to paper ……and get goal setting. Believe in the possibility ……and remind yourself as often as possible why this particular goal is important to you. Eyes forward……….focus on your dreams……and take one step at a time till you are running for the finish line. Remember too there will be tests along the way. The universe wants to know that you are serious. That you really want this ‘thing’.
There will be hurdles to jump, waves to ride and holes to fall in and stuff to trip over. However, know that each and every time that you get back up, your will is strengthened, your mind more resolute and your goal is ever closer.



Remember Me

I think we can all agree that having a party – and nobody turning up would be fairly shattering. Well , that’s kind of what it felt like when i had no students turn up for my junior kickboxing class tonight. It is a small class anyway….and yes it’s been cold, and yesterday was a public holiday, and yes lots of people are sick at the moment, but that all just sounds like excuses.

So….then I start to wonder as an instructor if perhaps my classes aren’t exciting enough. Why aren’t people here. How can I market this class better as it’s a great class?  Then as a person the self doubt sets in. And all the questions that go through your mind when you start to doubt yourself and your abilities . Then…i thought- okay well their loss. I’m going to train. Perfect opportunity for me right now to get an extra session in.

I trained hard too. Pushed myself so hard I had the shakes a little bit and felt like I might pass out. Felt good. Felt Alive in that feeling dead and empty kind of way that you have to have experienced to know what I am talking about. I had no workout plan tonight….as I wasn’t planning on training I just winged it.
Started my workout with a set of 2 x sets Chin ups on the bar and then one on the Rings to warm up. Then a set of TRX Rows. Then I saw the record board….spied the max plank and thought…I’m gonna beat that. So I did. On hands (not elbows) plank for 3mins 30 secs. My arms gave out before my core. I was happy with that.
What next. My leg was injured from last night so I couldn’t squat….decided I could manage deadlifts. Started with my normal weight of 50kg.
Did a set of x 12. Next set of x 12 @ 55kg. Third set of x 10 @ 60kg. Fourth Set of x 10 at 65kg then only managed x  5 @ 70 kg. I lost form then and figured I’d maxed out and stopped.  Did another set of Chin ups on the bar , another set of TRX Rows.
Then the bag rounds.  2 min rounds. 1 min break – but 15 seconds rest then situps till then next round . 6 rounds in total.

It was during the situps that I had time to think.

Someone asked me to today what I was training for ? Why had I stepped it up ?  And to be honest – There are a couple of things I’d like to work towards, but they are maybe’s.

Why do I train ? I have never really needed a reason – Training itself has always been the reason. I love it. I realised that I am training….for life. I know that sounds stupid and almost corny…but that’s it.  Sure…..incentives along the way help you step it up a notch when you need to – but training hard has never been an option – it’s always been a necessity. Kind of like an obligation for me.

And then I moved on to thinking about if I was training for something….like to fight again….what if I don’t get there. What if i fail ? what will people think. How will I cope with failure ? Then it hit me  – so what. People in the short term – and I in the short term will know of the failure. But – I do now truly believe that in the long run, the thing that people and the thing I will remember most will be my successes.

We are not remembered for the times we fell short of victory no matter how large our loss.

But – we will be remembered for our successes. The times we were great – no matter how small the win .

So Aim high and train hard. There are always little wins along the way to failure. And so long as we are failing we are learning and growing- in reality- the very fact we had a go means we Win anyway.

So….as the saying goes……Shoot for the Moon. If you miss….you’ll still be among the stars !


Nuff said.