Hello and welcome to ‘Think Martial Arts’  an extension of elthammartialarts.com

The aim of this site is to create a space for thoughts on Martial Arts training both in general and also as it specifically relates to that which we do in our dojo day in and day out.

At present our dojo holds classes in mixed martial arts  namely Kyokushin Karate, ‘Elements Muay Thai Kickboxing’, Brazilian Jin Jitsu, Aikido, Kudo and also Fitness and Resistance Based Workout Classes. We also have Qualified Personal Trainers who are able to work with clients of all levels and cater to individual goals and needs.  Periodically we also run seminars in other styles to try and ensure that students get a holistic view of the martial arts and to expose ourselves to other training methods and concepts.  In the past we have Arnis , Meditation and Yoga classes and are always on the lookout for what else can be incorporated into our timetable.

What’s to read here ?

There may be discussions here relating to dojo events,  general health and fitness, training advice, specific martial arts and perhaps even left wing topics that somehow make there way into our mental arena.

When you visit this site and read the articles enclosed please do so with an open heart and mind for it is always in this state in which the articles were written and subsequently published.  Our title is thinkmartialarts  so opinions expressed here are only thoughts and not ones claiming to be facts.  As one should always do in life, take first hand experience, read, learn, listen to other peoples thoughts and ideas, and with only the best intentions in your heart , decide for yourself.


Kiley Baker

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