Are you a good Loser ?

The #1 thing holding most people back in their martial arts journey, perhaps in life also, I believe is an unwillingness to lose or fail. And yet, the very basis of learning and of growth is this. Trial, error- but also evaluation.

We can try, and err, and do nothing to rectify our mistake through stubbornness, weakness (shifting blame) or pride. This is where a ‘sore loser’ comes in. We know what sore losers look like. They cry and get mad (or both) and shift blame. They make excuses and justifications and refuse to accept their loss gracefully. In this moment, they begin the worst type of pattern that if affirmed (by themselves, a coach, a training partner or parent) will plague their learning from then on until they quit, or through introspection, good coaching or an eye opening experience bought about through a desire to change, they learn to see loss and failure for what it is.

Your biggest teacher. In fact the only true one. Until you vanquish yourself ie: your ego, how can you ever hope to better anyone or anything else ?  If you truly want to be the best you an be, FAIL. Fail often. Compete and lose – evaluate, strategise, improve and re-test. Tap, Tap early. Tap often. Be prepared to acknowledge others achievements over yours. Be humble. Be courteous and see everyone as your teacher. You can learn much about yourself from the way you treat and handle beginners. And most of all, it’s not over when you lose. It’s over when you quit.


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