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I think we can all agree that having a party – and nobody turning up would be fairly shattering. Well , that’s kind of what it felt like when i had no students turn up for my junior kickboxing class tonight. It is a small class anyway….and yes it’s been cold, and yesterday was a public holiday, and yes lots of people are sick at the moment, but that all just sounds like excuses.

So….then I start to wonder as an instructor if perhaps my classes aren’t exciting enough. Why aren’t people here. How can I market this class better as it’s a great class?  Then as a person the self doubt sets in. And all the questions that go through your mind when you start to doubt yourself and your abilities . Then…i thought- okay well their loss. I’m going to train. Perfect opportunity for me right now to get an extra session in.

I trained hard too. Pushed myself so hard I had the shakes a little bit and felt like I might pass out. Felt good. Felt Alive in that feeling dead and empty kind of way that you have to have experienced to know what I am talking about. I had no workout plan tonight….as I wasn’t planning on training I just winged it.
Started my workout with a set of 2 x sets Chin ups on the bar and then one on the Rings to warm up. Then a set of TRX Rows. Then I saw the record board….spied the max plank and thought…I’m gonna beat that. So I did. On hands (not elbows) plank for 3mins 30 secs. My arms gave out before my core. I was happy with that.
What next. My leg was injured from last night so I couldn’t squat….decided I could manage deadlifts. Started with my normal weight of 50kg.
Did a set of x 12. Next set of x 12 @ 55kg. Third set of x 10 @ 60kg. Fourth Set of x 10 at 65kg then only managed x  5 @ 70 kg. I lost form then and figured I’d maxed out and stopped.  Did another set of Chin ups on the bar , another set of TRX Rows.
Then the bag rounds.  2 min rounds. 1 min break – but 15 seconds rest then situps till then next round . 6 rounds in total.

It was during the situps that I had time to think.

Someone asked me to today what I was training for ? Why had I stepped it up ?  And to be honest – There are a couple of things I’d like to work towards, but they are maybe’s.

Why do I train ? I have never really needed a reason – Training itself has always been the reason. I love it. I realised that I am training….for life. I know that sounds stupid and almost corny…but that’s it.  Sure…..incentives along the way help you step it up a notch when you need to – but training hard has never been an option – it’s always been a necessity. Kind of like an obligation for me.

And then I moved on to thinking about if I was training for something….like to fight again….what if I don’t get there. What if i fail ? what will people think. How will I cope with failure ? Then it hit me  – so what. People in the short term – and I in the short term will know of the failure. But – I do now truly believe that in the long run, the thing that people and the thing I will remember most will be my successes.

We are not remembered for the times we fell short of victory no matter how large our loss.

But – we will be remembered for our successes. The times we were great – no matter how small the win .

So Aim high and train hard. There are always little wins along the way to failure. And so long as we are failing we are learning and growing- in reality- the very fact we had a go means we Win anyway.

So….as the saying goes……Shoot for the Moon. If you miss….you’ll still be among the stars !


Nuff said.


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